Application areas:

PFE pipe switches have been tried-and-tested for years in the field of bulk goods distribution, in this case, in particular in the field of pneumatic conveyor technology.

The particular benefits lie in the robust design of the switches, the smaller dimensions which allow installation in small spaces as well as the proven high service life.

PFE pipe switches are in use in the following industrial sectors, among others:

  • Machine construction in dust extraction operations
  • Construction material industry in the field of pneumatic conveying plants for gypsum, lime, cement, supplemental materials, perlite
  • Coal power plants and waste incineration plants for conveying filter and boiler ash, residual products from flue-gas desulfurization, residual materials from waste incineration plants, active carbon transport
  • Chemical industry for conveying plastic granulates
  • Glass industry for conveying glass quantities, glass frit, broken glass, glass beads
Vier-Wege-Weiche Typ PFE-VWW
Zwei-Wege-Weiche Typ PFE-ZWW
DVier-Wege-Weiche Typ PFE-ZWW