• Repair, maintenance and service of internal and third party plant systems
  • Capacity increase of existing conveyor systems
  • Wear and tear protection measures for existing conveyor systems
  • Minimization of compressed air consumption and optimization by means of compressed air balancing
  • Conveyor tests at full plant scale (120 m, 6.0 t/h)
  • Operating personnel training


SERVICE is capitalized at PFE.

We will service your systems for their entire service life upon request. Maintenance and service intervals and the scope of potentially necessary repair measures are discussed directly with the responsible managers. If possible, we take operational interruptions during modifications or production standstills into account. With the most modern measuring devices, we document operating data, e.g. compressed air consumption, the pressure curve during transport or we measure and document the wall thicknesses of the conveying line in order to draw conclusions about repair measures that will become necessary in the future.

The training of the operating personnel often leads to an increase in the availability of the systems. Detailed information about how the system operates and potential causes of faults reduce the failure and standstill costs. PFE offers training conducted on-site at the customer's location. In addition to fundamental knowledge of pneumatic conveyors, information is provided directly based on the installed conveyor system.