Application features:

Injector vessel systems are universal conveyor devices for all goods to be pneumatically transported. Type differentiations are made which take the special requirements of the individual situation into account. The width of the spectrum of use spans from dilute phase conveying or thin stream conveying at high conveyor speeds to dense stream and stopper conveying at medium speeds through to shuffle conveying at extremely low speeds.

The selection of the optimum method depends on the material, conveyor capacity and conveyor distance, gentle treatment of the conveyed goods during transport as well as technical constraints.


Injector vessels work intermittently or continuously and are used in particular in the following cases:

  • long conveyor distances up to 3000 meters
  • Conveyor capacities up to more than 200 t/h
  • low wear and tear in the conveyor system
  • wide range of products
  • conveying that protects the material when using the shuffling method
  • minimal separations
  • high counter-pressures in the conveyor systems can be achieved
  • Economic efficiency and operational safety

Single pressure vessel

Druckfördergefäß mit Zuführschnecke
Druckfördergefäße vor Auslieferung

With a single pressure vessel, the conveyor process is interrupted by the filling process at regular intervals. Switching times as well as pressure build-up and current dispersal times negatively impact the conveyor capacities. Individual pressure vessels work intermittently.

Einzeldruckgefäß mit Steuerung
Kombiniertes Saug-/Druckfördergefäß

Twin pressure vessel

Zwillingsdruckgefäß mit Zuführschnecke

Twin pressure vessels are used when high conveyor capacities at available clearance heights are required or the goal is to achieve continuous transport.

Double-decker pressure vessels

Double-decker pressure vessels are characterized by the fact that in addition to the familiar benefits of injector vessel systems, they transport continuously.

Double-decker pressure vessels are used, e.g. when products are to be continuously fed into process technology and corresponding counter-pressures in the system have to be overcome.

Application examples:

  • Blowing supplemental materials during melting processes
  • conveying dried sludge into incineration furnaces
  • etc.

Mobile injector vessel systems

Mobile injector vessel systems are often designed in combination with vacuum conveyors in order to dispose of accumulated product in difference areas of the plant. The conveyor capacities span from approx. 1 t to more than 10 t/h.