PFE is a medium-sized company that plans, designs, maintains and services pneumatic conveying plants and manufactures and distributes components for pneumatic conveyor technology.

The customer base includes, among others, power plants, waste and biomass incineration plants, the glass industry, the stone and quarrying industries, the construction materials industry, the chemical industry and animal feed industry.

In addition to transporting highly abrasive bulk materials, our know-how is also in the gentle transport of sensitive products. Our strengths lie in competent consultation and completion and, to a great degree, flexibility.

Technical center


At this point, we will provide a look at two test reports we created on the topic of: "Conveyor tests with silicon oxide and animal meal using the thin and dense stream and shuffle cycle conveying methods (stopper conveying method)”

1. Task

Performing pneumatic conveyor tests using a test system at an industrial scale and assessing the products provided with regard to their pneumatic conveying behavior. When performing the tests, special value is placed on achieving high loading rates at the smallest possible gas speed.

2. Objective of the test

The tests should provide viable information for the design of the planned conveyor systems. You can view the test report here. You will also find the "Animal Meal" test report there under Example 4.

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